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Work Party Photos.....

February 2022
Photos by Matthew Clark

Our most recent work party in February involved clearing out the overflow at the bottom of the lock flight at Nob End. This overflow had become dangerously blocked with debris and this meant that the canal could not drain properly. Our volunteers cleared the debris and the canal level ended up dropping to a safer level. We then finished the work party by taking a look at the old sluice on the Bolton arm to see what work this will need to be made usable again.

  • Image 1 of 13 : As you can see, the overflow was completely blocked with plant matter and litter
  • Image 2 of 13 : This blockage meant the entire overflow was under over a foot of water
  • Image 3 of 13 : Because of the blockage the cancel was a few inches higher than it should be, creating a risk of overflowing
  • Image 4 of 13 : So our volunteers started to remove the blockage over the grate
  • Image 5 of 13 : Once the grate was clear the water level dropped quickly
  • Image 6 of 13 : You can see on the stone where the water level was previously
  • Image 7 of 13 : The brickwork of the overflow can now be seen again and the water in the canal is back to a safe level
  • Image 8 of 13 : And you can tell that spring is on the way as flowers are starting to bud up around our canal
  • Image 9 of 13 : The "Old Sluice" is the overflow connecting the Bolton arm to the bottom of the locks which we are working to restore
  • Image 10 of 13 : This channel will be incredibly helpful in maintaining the canal water level going forward
  • Image 11 of 13 : We even got some time to do some litter picking around the locks
  • Image 12 of 13 : The workshop site is once again usable for our volunteers
  • Image 13 of 13 :


December 2021
Photos by Matthew Clark

Our most recent work party was a complete success. During the work party we spent our time cleaning up the area around the workshops.

The workshops had become heavily overgrown during the pandemic so we needed to clear the overgrowth to get our base of operations back up to usable standard.

Thanks to our volunteers who came down and helped out!

  • 1. This is how the workshops looked.
  • 2. There were plants growing through the flags.
  • 3. One of the volunteers, Donald, got to work cutting through the weeds.
  • 4. The workshops started to look clearer.
  • 5. Proof that trees will grow everywhere. This one grew right through our cabins trailer hitch.
  • 6. We still chopped down as much of the tree as we could.
  • 7. There was a massive pile of weeds.
  • 8. All this was cut down from the workshops.
  • 9. You can get a scale of the amount of how big it is compared to Adam.
  • 10. The flags look better without the weeds.
  • 11. And now they look fantastic.
  • 12. And the workshops can be used again.
  • 13. Just look at those beautiful flags.


January 2020
Photos by Matthew Clark

  • Image 1 of 9 : This was the surviving metal railings before volunteers dug it out.....
  • Image 2 of 9 : ..... and after it was dug out
  • Image 3 of 9 : Here is a close up of the surviving railing before excavation.....
  • Image 4 of 9 : and here it is after, and you can see the stone where it is set
  • Image 5 of 9 : You can even see the next stone down
  • Image 6 of 9 : Here is the water escapting Ringley locks being blocked by debris.....
  • Image 7 of 9 : ..... and after clearance, the water can escape the site easier
  • Image 8 of 9 : Here is the disused Bywash on the Bolton arm before digging began.....
  • Image 9 of 9 : .....and after it was dug out


October 2019
Photos by Matthew Clark

  • Image 1 of 7: This is the duckweed on the Bolton arm before clearance
  • Image 2 of 7 : This is the duckweed after
  • Image 3 of 7 : This is the overflow before we started clearing it
  • Image 4 of 7 : This is the result after clearing the overflow
  • Image 5 of 7 : As you can see, there is a good flow of water
  • Image 6 of 7 : And the water is incredibly clean
  • Image 7 of 7 : Keeping the overflow clear helps reduce flooding by letting excess water out quicker


February 2019 – 16th & 17th
Great weekend winching trees from the bed of the canal with WRG North West. The small self-seeded saplings will damage the waterproof lining if allowed to grow too big. Approximately 150 feet cleared on Saturday and another 75-100 feet on Sunday. The section on Sunday had fewer trees and more spread out, so more time and effort required to re-rig the winch. Whew! Photos by Sam Kennion

  • Before
  • Part way through the first day
  • At the end of the first day
  • At the end of the first day
  • After the first day
  • End of work on Sunday (1 of 2). The trees in the foreground are actually uprooted but need chopping off another time
  • End of work on Sunday (2 of 2). The trees in the foreground are actually uprooted but need chopping off another time


February 2019 – 9th & 10th

The February work party made good progress on clearing more of the rubble and earth out of the channel that runs from the top overflow to the bottom basin. We can now (just about!) see daylight through the sluice hole. Also, there was a heron looking mean, moody and magnificient. Photos by Sam Kennion


January 2019
Photos by Matthew Clark

  • Image 1 of 7 : The shadow of an old sluice gate at Ringley top lock
  • Image 2 of 7 : The 7-mile marker stone getting a bit of a clean
  • Image 3 of 7 : A view of the top lock of the canal – see the healthy amount of water running through
  • Image 4 of 7 : A look into the Ringley lock overflow - buried for 50 years!
  • Image 5 of 7 : The freshly laid cobbles on the towpath
  • Image 6 of 7 : A transition point between our cobbles and our new towpath surface
  • Image 7 of 7 : Volunteers John and Wendy enjoying getting stuck in

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